Expressions is a two day mega-event organized every year by GNIMT. Various students from Management & Technical from Punjab and outside participate in 26 events under Cultural, Technical, Literary & Fine Arts categories. Expressions 2006 was sponsored by 80 business houses.

A Musical night, Harbhajan Mann Live, was organized as a part of Expressions 2006, where Harbhajan Mann performed along with Kimmi Verma.


Expression is lively representation of sentiments and feelings, whether by language, appearance or gesture; which gives life and suggestive force to ideas. Expressions surpass all the boundaries of language and understanding & its true manifestation appeals to every heart. The most effective way to achieve right relations with any living thing is to look for the best in it and then help that best, come into the fullest EXPRESSION. There is some place where your untapped potential can shine somewhere that difference can be expressed & GNIMT’s “EXPRESSIONS – 2005” provides you a platform to unleash those hidden expressions.


At EXPRESSIONS – 2005 we are helping you to let go your ideas in multiple facets of creativity

Cultural: After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music. Music which is a language itself is empowering & healing. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music

Technical: Your world is a living EXPRESSION of how you are using and have used your mind

Literary: The ability to express an idea is as important as the idea itself.

Fine arts: You can always draw as well as you know how to! You flatter yourself that you can express yourself more on canvas.
Success comes from taking the initiative and following up… persisting… eloquently expressing the depth of your ideas, because one simple action could take you today to produce a new momentum toward success in your life!! There is some place where your specialties can shine. Somewhere that difference can be expressed. It’s up to you to find it, and you can

Expressions -2005,Two-day Management Techno Fest organizing various events as follows:

Indian Song Sketching Giddha
Extempore Skit Debate
Collage Elocution Sell it
Debugging Painting Mehndi
S/W Development Logic Design Cartooning
Computer Quiz Paper Presentation Bhangra
Flower Arrangement Rangoli Turncoat
Western Group Dance Choreography Poster Making
Case Discussion Fashion Show